Uncovering Mesothelioma: Why Women are at a Higher Risk

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Mesothelioma, a lethal cancer primarily caused by asbestos exposure, affects the tissues of organs such as the lung, pleura, peritoneum, and pericardium. While the disease is typically associated with men, recent study findings suggest that women are also at a high risk due to factors such as lower muscle mass and more complex endocrine systems.

Exposure to toxic substances like silica, cadmium, beryllium, and especially asbestos in certain work environments amplify the risk. Industries such as textiles, asbestos production and others involving these toxic substances have seen multiple cases among women.

The initial symptoms of the disease are non-specific, including difficulty in breathing, chest or back pain, persistent cough, and unexplained weight loss. As the onset is subtle, prompt medical attention upon experiencing these symptoms is essential.

Treatment often comprises surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Survival generally depends on the stage at which the disease is diagnosed and the location of the tumor.

However, prevention remains the primary strategy to combat mesothelioma. Women working in high-risk environments should take necessary precautions, maintain a healthful lifestyle and avoid any asbestos exposure. Despite these measures, a definitive cure is yet to be found, thereby necessitating ongoing research and awareness about the disease.

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